Robfest 2014 Review

Hello there !

Well, Robfest is over for another year. Last Sunday’s extravaganza was well attended although there were some notable absentees whose presence was missed. For them, and for anyone who was there and wants to relive the magic moments, just click on this  ‘Robfest 2014’  link to see the video and photos. Yes folks, they’re now available for everyone to view, exclusively on this website !

Ed muscles in on "Riff Raff" at Robfest

Ed muscles in on “Riff Raff” at Robfest

Due to torrential rain, thunder and lightning at around 7.30 Monday morning, the de-rigging operation hurriedly swung into action and took somewhat longer than usual.  There were a few items of equipment that got a little wet and therefore needed to be dried out. One or two minor items even had to be chucked out. This was followed by testing everything to make sure it all worked OK, before storing everything away. Needless to say, it all took a fair bit of time.

For all us ‘Riff Raffs’ that were there to entertain the masses, this was the first time we’d played any of our set together since last year’s Robfest. Taking this into consideration, I don’t think we were too bad on the whole  . . .  Oh well, off to sort out something else now !  Enjoy the video and pics ! !

BFN,  Rob.

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